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Summit Venue Spotlight: The River

Hey, Boy Scout troop leaders and Venturing crew leaders: check out the river.

The New River, that is.

Alright. Technically, the New River is not on the Summit grounds. However, it is a key part of The River program, so we’re including it in the venue spotlight series.

Keep in mind that when you sign up for The River, your program culminates in a run through the heart of the New River Gorge. Here the river constricts and speeds up over bigger drops, sluicing between shorelines littered with house-sized boulders where the waves crash over the bow of the boat. Teamwork, muscle, and a little grit will pull you through.

Enough chitchat. Check out the video above.

If all that whitewater sounds like a good fit for your troop or crew, head here to learn more and register.

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