Beautiful West Virginia Sunset

2018 Christen High Adventure Base Trek Programs

You asked and we delivered! Our 2018 Christen HAB menu will have two trek programs for you and your unit to choose from and BOTH will allow Scouts, who complete the treks, to be eligible for the 50-miler award. The New

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You don't have to catch air to get your BMX on at the Summit.

2014 Programs Sneak Peek: Wheels

Transform wheeled mobility into an art form with Wheels, one of four high adventure programs offered at the Summit in 2014. Check out the video above for a taste. Wheels is a smorgasbord of, well, wheels. Seriously. You’ll feast on a mountain biking trail

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Dusteaters Wanted: Jamboree Mountain Biking Staff

Mountain biking. It’s fun to experience, but hard to describe. You can talk rolling over flowy trails and watching the woods blur by in your periphery. Or picking your way through a gnarly rock garden like a ninja, grinning all

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All Skill Levels Welcome At The 2013 Jamboree

Many people are familiar with the icons representing difficulty levels at a ski resort. You know, those little colored shapes that indicate how hard a particular slope is to descend? All the activities in the Adventure Areas at the 2013

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What’s All The Focus On Mountain Biking?

I didn’t know much about mountain biking when I first arrived at the Summit. I soon realized I’d better study up when it became clear this would be one of the defining challenge events on the site. It turns out,

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Want More Information On Mountain Biking At The Summit?

At the mountain biking Adventure Area in Adventure Valley you can try your new skills on a world-class series of biking trails. Too bad you won’t have time to ride them all in one jamboree experience – because there’s over thirty miles of them!

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