Scout Troop From Florida Checks out high adventure in North Carolina

Florida Goes High Adventuring

Luis, 16, and Jaymes, 15, two Scouts who participated in the trip, were brand new to all these high-adventure sports. But it didn’t take them long to warm up to the action-packed activities.

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Getting some air on the BMX

How Is Summit Construction Coming?

…we’ve largely transitioned from the relatively slow work of moving dirt and laying underground utilities to the much more rapid work of putting the program venues together.

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Rock on!

Teach Me to Climb

Since climbing is a fun, yet somewhat risky activity with much to learn in order to keep everyone safe, these Scouts completed the training in just under 18 long hours of both vigorous studying of the Climb On Safely rules and hands-on training on their tower.

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A Scout’s Cycling Experience

Scouts of Troop 185 have many adventures to look forward to from sailing and canoeing, to cycling and climbing, but they regularly take adventure to the next level.

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Dodging For Adventure

When Troop 108 raises funds to go to Florida Sea Base, they don’t mess around. What cool or innovative fundraisers is your unit planning?

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