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The Jamboree At The Summit Will Be Cooler — Literally [Infographic]

If you’ve ever been to Fort A.P. Hill for a jamboree, you surely know one thing: It can get seriously hot there.

We certainly won’t claim the Summit is a winter wonderland during late summer, but it is cooler than its jamboree counterpart in Virginia.

Want proof? We’ve got it.

It's Cool At The Summit

We watched the weather in the towns closest to the two jamboree sites and took a look at the different temperatures.

What’d we find?

If the jamboree had been held at the Summit this year from July 15 to 24 — the same days it will be held in 2013 — it would have been more than 5 degrees cooler than Fort A.P. Hill on average. That’s nothing to scoff at when you’re sweating in the eastern humidity.

And guess what. That doesn’t even take into account the natural cooling effect of the wind from the zip lines and whitewater in your face.

So, definitely bring your hats, put on your sunscreen and drink plenty of water, but don’t count on Fort A.P. Hill heat when you’re at the Summit.


Now that you know what the weather is like, have you registered for the 2013 Jamboree at the Summit?

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