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Calling All Staff Volunteers

We need you to help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Venturing!

We are now recruiting volunteer staff for a wide variety of positions for VenturingFest 2018. Our biggest needs are for certified instructors for program areas, but there are positions for staff of any experience/ability level. Click here to see a list of positions and their descriptions.

Minimum Qualifications for All Volunteer Staff Positions:

  • Be a currently registered member of the Boy Scouts of America
  • Complete parts A, B & C of the BSA Annual Health & Medical Record
  • Complete the Summit Bechtel Reserve Risk Acknowledgement
  • Be at least 16 years old (18 for most positions)

$250 Fee Covers

  • All Meals (6/29 lunch to 7/7 lunch)
  • Tent and cots (with one tentmate) in Delta or Charlie Base Camp
  • Access to events and program venues when not working

Staff Timeline

6/28/18 – Venturing Management Team Arrival

6/29/18 AM – Volunteer Staff Check-In

6/29/18 PM – Volunteer Staff Training w/ SBR Staff

6/30/18 – VenturingFest Specific Training

7/1/18 – Participant Check-In Day

7/2/18-7/5/18 – Program!

7/6/18 AM – Participant Departure

7/6/18 PM – Volunteer Staff Departure

Registration Procedures

  1. Click the “Register” button below
  2. Fill out your personal information
  3. Choose “Staff”
  4. Select the position that you are interested in staffing
  5. Include in current certifications or credentials that apply to that position (or other potential positions)
  6. Make $100 deposit (Final balance due by April 30, 2018)
  7. Stay tuned for future updates!

Register Now

Interested in working the full season and getting paid? Check out our seasonal employment page here: www.summitbsa.org/jobs