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What Will The Jamboree Program Look Like At The Summit?

Summit Director Dan McCarthyI promised to tell you more about the 2013 National Jamboree programming in my last blog, so here goes:

In previous jamborees, activities were largely centered within regional hubs. Each hub had identical activities delivered in action centers and each action center only had one degree of difficulty within each event. In order to give as many Scouts as possible the opportunity to participate, the level of difficulty in each action center was relatively easy.

All that changes at the Summit. Rather than regional hubs, activities are centered in adventure areas. Each adventure area specializes in a single event, so all Scouts participating in that event must go to the same area. Within each adventure area, progressive skill levels will be offered so Scouts at any level of proficiency may participate, from beginner to advanced. It’s a totally different concept from past jamborees.

There’s another difference in the way adventure areas are programmed at the Summit. Most areas will have two formats: curriculum and elective. Each Boy Scout and Venturer will be able to choose two curriculum adventures for their jamboree experience. These curriculum experiences will be in-depth trainings designed to both educate and progress Scouts to higher levels of proficiency in their chosen areas. Curriculum sessions will typically be two- to four-hour sessions.

Elective sessions will be available to Scouts in all adventure areas as well, but elective sessions will be much shorter to enable all Scouts to have a chance to experience several different adventure areas. Minimal instruction will be available during elective sessions.

Scouts attending the 2013 National Jamboree will be selecting their curriculum and elective sessions this winter, so if you signed up to attend, you might want to start reviewing your options now.

Go to for additional information on the adventure areas that will be available.

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