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What’s The Deal With Disc Golf?

Like Frisbee? And golf? Combine the two and you have disc golf, a fun sport making its jamboree debut at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree at theĀ Summit Bechtel Reserve.

Staged on Mayhem Mountain, this sport is easy to learn and highly accessible to players of all ages and abilities. Plus, there will be plenty of professional disc golf staff to share their tips and tricks to make this sport even more fun.

Like traditional golf, disc golf is all about getting the lowest score, which in this case is done by using the fewest number of throws. Instead of clubs, players use specialized discs using a variety of shots including a hyzer, a helix, and a hammer. And instead of holes, players are aiming for elevated chained baskets.

Sound like fun? Then come out and get “insane for the chains!”

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