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Who Makes The Jamboree Hum? Logistics Does

You might say they’re the unsung heroes of the jamboree.

Except we’re singing their praises right here.

If you want to be on the inside at the first-ever jamboree at the Summit in 2013, here are 10 of the most important Logistics Group jobs that will contribute to making it the best national jamboree yet:

  1. Equipment — It’ll take people to operate special equipment and get all the tents up and down.
  2. Food/Ice Distribution — Thousands of Scouts eat a lot of food! You can be part of the distribution team that gets all the meals to the campsites.
  3. Garden Ground Food Operations — Have you heard about the Garden Ground Trek yet? Join the team that will prepare and serve food at the summit of the Summit.
  4. Logistics Support Team — These staffers will be everywhere: warehouse, transportation, material movement, procurement, operations center.
  5. Movement Control — Resources and people will be flowing around the Summit like a river. We need sharp folks to manage it.
  6. Retail Food Operations — Want to meet a lot of people? (They’ll all be hungry!) This team will oversee the food service in places like the Summit Center.
  7. Retail Store Operations — The trading post is always one of the hoppin’est places at the jamboree. Are you a gearhead? If you like Scoutstuff, come help with customer service, stocking, and checkout.
  8. Specialty Foods — Scouting is full of diversity, and that includes diets. You can help coordinate delivery of kosher and halal meals, as well as other specialty items.
  9. Staff Dining — We need staffers to support all dining service operations, including food service, patron support, and cleaning.
  10. Warehousing — It’s forklift central for receiving, storing and issuing of materials and supplies. Can you help here?

There’s a lot going on in logistics, and plenty of opportunity for aspiring jamboree staff. If this doesn’t sound like your style, though, maybe you’d like a position in administration or the arena.

Get signed up for the jamboree and apply for staff today!

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