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Wonders From the Ropes

Navigate swinging logs, cargo nets and rope bridges at the Ropes Challenge Course. It’s a jungle adventure that combines obstacles with heights; trees with adventure.

It’s not all risk though, first stop is the orientation, where scouts learn about the activities ahead, and how to minimize the risk involved. Next participants go on to ground school, where they learn about the safety equipment and how to use the ‘lobster claws’ to attach and transfer to different cables.

Then they hit the course. “It’s essentially a jungle gym obstacle course 40 feet in the air,” one participant from Troop 1444 said. Their troop’s favorite part of the challenge course was the tires. Another Troop, 1337, had the most fun repelling. They found it easier than the standing-up logs, in their oppinion. After getting off the course, they all wanted to go again.

Ropes is a fun activity located a short walk south of the Summit Center. “This is one of the first opportunities to overcome fear,” Jeremy Wyatt, an aerial sports staff member at the Ropes, said. He gets to watch the troops get off the course, and he sees the excitement in the faces. “There’s a lot of variety to this program area, Wyatt said. “And you get to stay up there a lot longer than other areas. You can be up there for 20 minutes if you wanted.” It takes an aerial sports token to participate, but by comparison, some other activities that take tokens only last a few moments, while at the ropes, the adventure is drawn out much longer.

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