Gene H. Yamagata

Growing up on an Idaho farm, Gene Yamagata never had the opportunity to join the Boy Scouts. Today, however, he is an enthusiastic supporter of Scouting.

One aspect of Scouting that attracted Gene was the program’s emphasis on youth mentoring. He knows the importance of youth mentoring first hand. A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Gene traveled to Japan as a youth on an LDS mission. During that trip he not only learned his parents’ native language, he connected with mentors who encouraged him to attend college and imagine life beyond the family farm.

That mentoring experience ultimately led Gene to co-found Forever Living Products Japan, a multi-billion-dollar company that manufactures and sells aloe vera-based wellness products in more than 150 countries. He is currently chairman and CEO of Yamagata Enterprises, which has interests in aviation, real estate and other investments.

Why I give...

“What the Scouting program does for young boys is tremendous. It makes them realize the value of being an honorable young man.”
‒ Gene H. Yamagata