Joe Crafton

Joe Crafton lives by a mantra his father taught him as a child: “Takers eat better, but givers sleep better.” Joe sleeps well at night because he always pays it forward to ensure future generations will live in a better world. 

Joe’s commitment to Scouting began in 1978 when he took the Eagle Scout oath that included a pledge to “… give more back to Scouting than it has given to me.” Since that time Joe has been a servant leader in a variety of key Scouting positions such as Scoutmaster and council president. As a proud father of three Eagle Scout sons—James, David, and Reeves—Joe is an iconic example of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.  

As an avid Scouter, sportsman, and conservationist, Joe has combined his passions to found the Joe Crafton Sportsman’s Complex, where a new generation of Scouts learn about the important relationship between hunting and wildlife conservation. Additionally, the venue shows the history of Scouting’s involvement in conservation over the past century. Joe says, “Our vision is to have a place where thousands of youth each year can learn the simple, yet often untaught, truth: Hunters = Habitat = Wildlife.”

Joe is a principal of Wingshooter Investments LLC, his family’s private equity investment firm. Previously, Joe served as CEO of CROSSMARK, Inc.

Why I give...

“The Boy Scouts of America has taught more youth shooting safety and fishing skills than any organization in the world. By creating outdoor experiences and a passion for hunting and fishing, we get more kids outside who appreciate and understand nature.”
‒ Joe Crafton

“We have a system that produces leaders. It’s shown by the disproportionate percentage of people in leadership positions who have come from Scouting. I’d go so far to say it’s the greatest leadership-training program ever designed.”
‒ Joe Crafton

“In 1978, I took an Eagle Scout oath that included a pledge to ‘… give more back to Scouting than it has given to me.’ With the positive influence Scouting has been on me, my brothers, and three sons, that would be almost impossible. I have found no more worthy organization in which to invest in our nation’s future than the Boy Scouts of America.”
‒ Joe Crafton

Scouting Affiliation and Honors

  • BSA National Executive Board Member
    • Vice President of Supply Committee
  • Silver Beaver Award
  • Circle Ten Council President (2016-2018)
  • Circle Ten Executive Board Director
  • Eagle Scout
  • Scoutmaster
  • Wood Badge Trained and Staff Leader