Lyle R. and Toril Knight

Scouting is a large part of Lyle and Toril Knight’s life together and one they are proud to have passed down to their children and grandchildren. It’s a legacy embodied by the numerous descendants of the couple who have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.

In addition to a lifetime of involvement in the Scouting movement, Lyle is an accomplished professional with a stellar career in the banking industry. Lyle’s career trajectory began with a position as a drive-up teller and culminated with his appointment to president and CEO of First Interstate Bank. He also served as vice president of the Federal Advisory Council, acting as an advisor to Chairman Ben Bernanke and the Board of Governors, representing the Ninth District of the Federal Reserve.

Toril was born in Oslo, Norway, before emigrating to the United States as a child and ultimately becoming a U.S. citizen. She is a community volunteer and spends much of her time traveling with her husband and being attentive to their 24 grandchildren.

Why I give...

“Being a Scout leader has been a source of great joy throughout my youth and my adult life.”
‒ Lyle R. Knight

“Scouting has given me opportunities to associate with some amazing volunteers and see the wonderful things they have done for the movement.”
‒ Toril Knight

Scouting Affiliation and Honors

Lyle Knight’s Scouting Affiliation and Honors

  • BSA National Executive Board Member
  • BSA Western Region President
  • Grand Canyon Council President
  • Silver Buffalo Award
  • Silver Antelope Award
  • Silver Beaver Award


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