Rex W. Tillerson

As a youth, Rex Tillerson’s summers were filled with Scouting experiences. These adventures taught him important life lessons such as the value of teamwork, how to lead, and, importantly, how to follow. He was able to challenge himself and stretch his wings, while developing into the leader he would become.

Utilizing many of the lessons he learned from Scouting, Rex rose through the ranks to become the chairman and CEO of Exxon Mobil Corp. After leaving Exxon, he employed skills first learned in Scouting in the service of his country, serving as the 69th United States Secretary of State.

A past national president of the BSA, Rex continues to champion the development of the Summit Bechtel Reserve, contributing countless hours to develop curriculum for Rex  W. Tillerson Leadership Center and advocate for funding of the site.

Why I give...

“The investment with the greatest return is the one we make in our country’s youth. Scouting provides opportunities for young people to experience and understand the world around them—not only making them better citizens, but more successful contributors to the workforce.”

‒ Rex W. Tillerson

Scouting Affiliation and Honors

  • BSA National President (2010-2012)
  • BSA National Executive Board
  • Silver Buffalo Award
  • Distinguished Eagle Scout Award
  • Circle Ten Council Executive Board
  • Silver Beaver Award
  • James E. West Fellow
  • Roosevelt Fellow

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