Sarah and Ross Perot Jr./The Sarah and Ross Perot, Jr. Foundation

The Perot family harbors a rich tradition of achieving Scouting’s ultimate rank: Eagle Scout. Among the generations of Perot family Eagle Scouts are the late Ross Perot Sr., second generation Ross Perot Jr., and his sons with wife Sarah – Hill and Hunter.

Ross Perot Jr. is chairman of The Perot Group, which manages the wide-ranging Perot family interests that include real estate, oil and gas, and financial investments. He is also chairman of Hillwood, a Texas-based, leading global real estate development company that he founded in 1988. An Air Force veteran, Ross is an accomplished pilot who completed the first helicopter flight around the world in less than 30 days during September of 1982.

Sarah Perot is the president of the Sarah and Ross Perot Jr. Foundation. She is a trustee for Southern Methodist University in Dallas and currently serves on the Board of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., as well as the Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello.

Sarah and Ross have continued the Perot family tradition of supporting Scouting with a gift through their foundation to fund the Ross Perot Leadership Hall and the Perot Family Leadership Wing within the Rex W. Tillerson Leadership Center at the Summit Bechtel Reserve.

Why I give...

“It’s critical that we grow strong leaders in the United States. We can teach a lot in school, but it’s difficult to teach leadership. What the Boy Scouts do so well is to teach leadership, and this country needs great young leaders coming through the system to continue to build this great nation.”
‒ Ross Perot Jr.

Scouting Affiliation and Honors

  • Eagle Scout

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