Stephen D. Bechtel Jr.

Distinguished Eagle Scout Stephen D. Bechtel Jr. credits the Boy Scouts of America with shaping his character in a way that allowed him to lead others throughout his life. A recipient of the Silver Buffalo Award—the BSA’s highest honor for distinguished service to youth—Steve is one of the founding philanthropists of the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve.

Steve is former chairman and CEO of the Bechtel Corporation, a global engineering and construction company. He took over the family firm at the age of 35 and in two decades was able to more than double the size of the company.

Why I give...

“Scouting made a tremendous impact on my life. It’s the source of some of my fondest memories. I’m proud to be a founder on this project, and I’m thrilled to know that it will be a part of the Scouting legacy future generations will enjoy.”
‒ Stephen D. Bechtel Jr.

Scouting Affiliation and Honors

  • Distinguished Eagle Scout Award
  • Silver Buffalo Award

Venues at Summit Bechtel Reserve