Dulcimer Duo A Hit At SummitCorps

Scouting isn’t just about roughing it in the wild. It’s about developing well-rounded individuals. During SummitCorps, the National Park Service hosted Appalachian History Night, where local performers and artisans shared their knowledge and talents with the Order of the Arrow.

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Sandstone Falls

5 Things To Do At Sandstone Falls

Kayakers pitch themselves from the top of it. Fishermen wade into it. Some simply look at it with awe. Sandstone Falls is a river-wide ledge downstream of the Bluestone Dam on the New River and only a short drive from

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Arrowmen Learn About The Culture Around The Summit

A man sharpens a hatchet. Another picks up a firearm. Beside them is a woman weaving. Animal skins are spread across tables. String music plays in the background. Where are you?  You’re at Appalachian History Night. Every Monday night during

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Kaymoor Climber

Above The Mines, Beneath The Climbs

The remnants of a mining town lie silent in the New River Gorge, even though the campground above is bustling with activity. It hosts Kaymoor’s new residents, the climbers. They park near the ruins of a hoist house once used

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The Word On The Streets Of Fayetteville

Just up the road from the Summit, citizens of Fayetteville, West Virginia, one of America’s Coolest Small Towns, have noticed Scouts hanging around town. It’s hard not to notice. Scouts are in the stores, the restaurants, the trails, and even

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3 More Ways SummitCorps Is Giving Back

Scouts were busy building hiking and biking trails by day and giving back to the community by night at SummitCorps. They just couldn’t get enough community service, could they? Before SummitCorps began, leaders chose 10 local charities that needed a

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