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5 Things To Do At Sandstone Falls

Sandstone Falls
Sandstone Falls is one of the most scenic places in the whole New River Gorge and that's saying something. (Photo by Gary Hartley)

Kayakers pitch themselves from the top of it. Fishermen wade into it. Some simply look at it with awe.

Sandstone Falls is a river-wide ledge downstream of the Bluestone Dam on the New River and only a short drive from the Summit Bechtel Reserve.

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It is both a beautiful display of nature and a site for several recreation activities. The largest waterfall on the New River, Sandstone Falls is 1,500 feet wide and drops up to 25 feet.

The falls were once the namesake of Sandstone Falls State Park until it was absorbed into the New River Gorge National River.

What To Do There

  1. Fishing — The falls are known as a great spot to snag small-mouth bass and catfish.
  2. Photography — It’s a great shot for any photographer. In the evening, the sunset behind them makes for an awesome display of colors.
  3. Wading — The warm water upstream of the western side of the falls is a popular swimming hole.
  4. Walking — The Sandstone Falls boardwalk allows visitors to walk over the river and explore several small islands. You can also walk to the highest part of the falls on the eastern side of the river.
  5. Kayaking — Boaters frequently run the waterfall and play in the surf holes below.

Whether you’re looking for some relaxing beauty or adrenaline-drenched fun, Sandstone Falls isn’t part of the New River Gorge you want to miss.

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