Robert E. Murray/Murray Energy Corp.

Support for Scouting is something Robert E. Murray and his whole family can agree on. All three of his sons—Robert, Jonathan, and Ryan—were active in Scouting. In fact, Ryan achieved the Eagle rank and is a past president of the Ohio River Valley Council.

Mr. Murray says that supporting Scouting is equal to supporting youth, leadership, character and the United States of America. “What I see in Scouting today is character-building,” he says. “I think it’s a very valuable program for grounding young men and now women in shaping their characters for their lives ahead of them. … We need to get young people developed to lead this country. The Scouting movement will help us develop the very best leadership for America as the leader of the world. That’s my ultimate goal.”

Why I give...

“I’m looking for a better United States of America. And the future of our country and the world is in our young people.”
‒ Robert E. Murray

Scouting Affiliation and Honors

  • Silver Buffalo Award
  • Northern Lights Council Vice President of District Operations
  • Assistant Scoutmaster, Greater Cleveland Council