Dates: June 21-27

Youth course:

STEM at the Summit

Spend a week learning the science behind some of the most exciting activities at SBR! With our partners from West Virginia University, participants (aged 13-20) will climb, rappel, shoot, paddle, and BMX/mountain bike – while applying physics, engineering, and math to understand how these sports work, and how they can become even more exciting. Spend your evenings exploring chemistry, medicine, and other STEM topics with your fellow scouts.

Cost:  $455

Adult Course:

STEM-Tastic Scouting: Growing Scouting through STEM in your Council

Join us as we explore STEM in Scouting! This week-long, highly interactive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) conference will help you integrate STEM Nova awards and activities into your programming at the council, district, and unit level. Emphasis will be on implementation and expansion of STEM programs at the council level. Topics to be discussed include: Organizing a Council STEM committee, Funding your STEM program, STEM Centers, STEM Outreach, District and Council STEM events, Training STEM trainers, STEM at High Adventure bases, Overcoming Roadblocks, and Supporting District and Unit STEM programs. All participants will complete both Nova Counselor and Supernova Mentor training, and come away with an in-depth understanding of STEM in Scouting, including the STEM Nova award program.

Cost:  $525

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