How Service Projects Led To Fishing On The New River

After helping the National Park Service restore some of the natural habitat in a high-traffic area on the Gauley River, Venturing Crews 32 and 44 from North Carolina were rewarded for their hard work. In this installment of Adventures in

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All You Need To Know About SummitCorps [Infographic]

Throughout the month of July, Order of the Arrow members volunteered their time to help with SummitCorps: The New River Experience. A project to build hiking and biking trails, with support from the National Park Service and the International Mountain

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Leading The Way

In the 3rd and final part of Adventures In Service: New River Rendezvous, members of Venturing Crew 5.14 were rewarded with some top-roping out at the Meadow River. While enjoying the new rocks, the group learned more about lead climbing

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