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Restoring Habitat In The New River Gorge

In this series of Adventures in Service, you will meet Venturing Crews 32 and 44 from North Carolina. With the excitement of the Summit Bechtel Reserve in mind, these Venturers wasted no time in getting right to work in West Virginia, with bit of forest re-vegetation.

The Summit is adjacent to the New River Gorge National River Area, and close to the Gauley River National Recreation Area, which are places that attract tens of thousands of visitors each year. Managed by the National Park Service, having Scouts help with service projects was a natural fit.

Adventures in Service
John Perez, biologist for the National Parks Service worked with the Venture Crews to help with the forest re-vegetation project on the Gauley River. (Photo by Summit Blog Staff)

The re-vegetation project in this installment took place at high traffic area on the Gauley called Wood’s Ferry, the Park Service’s public access point for kayakers and rafters. It’s a newer part of the park, and has seen a lot of use in the short while it’s been open. Close to the boat ramp are several rare native plant species, and the Venturers helped to re-create their habitat along the impacted zone coming up from the river.

Check out the video to see how the Crews worked with the National Park Service.


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