All You Need To Know About SummitCorps [Infographic]

Throughout the month of July, Order of the Arrow members volunteered their time to help with SummitCorps: The New River Experience. A project to build hiking and biking trails, with support from the National Park Service and the International Mountain

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Summit Trails

What You Should Know About Summit Trails

While the Summit’s camping footprint won’t be as big as that of the jamboree’s old location at Fort A.P. Hill (1,270 acres compared to 5,000 acres), you should still bring your walking shoes. Not to worry, though, the Summit is

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Dulcimer Duo A Hit At SummitCorps

Scouting isn’t just about roughing it in the wild. It’s about developing well-rounded individuals. During SummitCorps, the National Park Service hosted Appalachian History Night, where local performers and artisans shared their knowledge and talents with the Order of the Arrow.

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SummitCorps Trail Opens!

Ribbon Cutting Marks Opening Of SummitCorps Trail

Get on your bikes, and throw on your hiking boots, because the Arrowhead Hike & Bike Trail is officially open. The National Park Service commemorated the official opening of the trail in Fayetteville, West Virginia, with a ribbon cutting ceremony

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44 Miles Of Flags

You’ve heard about SummitCorps. You’ve heard about the miles of hiking and biking trails constructed by the Order of the Arrow. But what was happening weeks before the Scouts even arrived? Well, there was plenty of topographic map analysis, grade

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