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Summit Trails

What You Should Know About Summit Trails

While the Summit’s camping footprint won’t be as big as that of the jamboree’s old location at Fort A.P. Hill (1,270 acres compared to 5,000 acres), you should still bring your walking shoes. Not to…

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Dulcimer Duo A Hit At SummitCorps

Scouting isn’t just about roughing it in the wild. It’s about developing well-rounded individuals. During SummitCorps, the National Park Service hosted Appalachian History Night, where local performers and artisans shared their knowledge and talents with…

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44 Miles Of Flags

You’ve heard about SummitCorps. You’ve heard about the miles of hiking and biking trails constructed by the Order of the Arrow. But what was happening weeks before the Scouts even arrived? Well, there was plenty…

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The Word On The Streets Of Fayetteville

Just up the road from the Summit, citizens of Fayetteville, West Virginia, one of America’s Coolest Small Towns, have noticed Scouts hanging around town. It’s hard not to notice. Scouts are in the stores, the…

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3 More Ways SummitCorps Is Giving Back

Scouts were busy building hiking and biking trails by day and giving back to the community by night at SummitCorps. They just couldn’t get enough community service, could they? Before SummitCorps began, leaders chose 10…

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Youth-Led, Youth-Built

A donation of $50 million dollars from the Stephen Bechtel kicked things off for the Summit. Since then, many large, generous donations have followed. And on top of that, it’s service that keeps the Summit…

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4 Must-Have Mountain Bike Trail Ingredients

Arrowmen at SummitCorps are busy building over 40 miles of mountain bike trails as we speak, but they aren’t doing it alone. Trail building is rather technical, and Rich Edwards, the International Mountain Bicycling Association…

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OA Youth Leaders Speak

SummitCorps, In Their Words

In this video update, Order of the Arrow youth leaders volunteering in the SummitCorps project describe the project and their roles in carrying out the largest-ever service project in the New River Gorge. You’ll hear…

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SummitCorps 2011: Developing Strong Leaders

This July, thousands of Order of the Arrow members are traveling to the New River Gorge for SummitCorps 2011: The New River Experience. For this project, the Arrowmen are building two trail systems for the…

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