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How To Build A Lasting Mountain Biking Trail [VIDEO]

You’ve heard about SummitCorps: The New River Experience. And by now, you may have even checked out the new trails which officially opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony on September 7, 2011.

If not, here is a recap.

Throughout the month of July, nearly 1,500 members from the Order of the Arrow traveled to West Virginia from across the country (and world for some) to help build hiking and biking trails in the New River Gorge. At the end of the month, the troops produced 12.8 miles of pristine trails for public use.

In this clip, the trail-building instructors — known as “I-Corps” — explain the technique for building durable and rider-friendly singletrack trail in the mountainous forest of southern West Virginia. Because of the step terrain and the water retention, troops had to use a technique called rock armoring.

Check out the video for more!

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