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2014 Programs Sneak Peek: Wheels

Transform wheeled mobility into an art form with Wheels, one of four high adventure programs offered at the Summit in 2014. Check out the video above for a taste.

Wheels is a smorgasbord of, well, wheels. Seriously.

You’ll feast on a mountain biking trail network that’s no. 2 in the world for miles of purpose-built trails. You’ll belly up to BMX and skateboarding facilities that are number 2 in the world in total square footage.

Get rolling with two-wheel fun at the BMX playgrounds of The Trax where speed, flow and flight reign.

Keep on keepin’ on along 30-plus miles of flowing, grin-inducing mountain bike singletrack.

For four-wheel enlightenment, there’s no better place than The Park, a skateboard paradise of street features such as rails, stairs, ramps and curbs, as well as a host of ultra-carve-able bowls.

The best part is, no matter how you roll, the Wheels program will stoke your flow next summer.

What is it about riding bikes that’s so awesome?

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