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21st Century Archery: Sporting Arrows At Jamboree

The Bows Archery Activity IconSporting arrows are not only new to archery in Scouting, but also to the archery world in general.

Similar to clay target shooting, sporting arrows are centered around automatic target launchers that throw 10-inch diameter foam targets into the air.

And once the targets take flight? It’s on.

Here’s why:

  • Teams consist of five archers lined up in a row and spaced about 6 feet apart.
  • Archers have 10 arrows each and can fire at their own will.
  • Anytime a target is in the air, an archer can fire at it; they do not have to shoot at each one.

That’s right. Each target is up for grabs.

You’ll use special arrows—flu-flus!—that don’t travel too far, making them easy to retrieve. Targets are thrown approximately 60–80 feet in the air.

Although five archers will be firing simultaneously, each archer has a different color arrow set so you’ll know who hit the target.

With each game lasting about five minutes, you’ll probably want to hit the sporting arrows more than once.

If archery is your thing, sign up for jamboree staff today to get all the archery you can handle.

Sporting arrows or stationary targets: Which are you most fired up about?

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