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24 Exhibits You Can Staff At The Jamboree

There is so much to Scouting, it’s hard to do it all — even in a lifetime!
The 2013 National Jamboree offers a great way to see a slice of everything that Scouting has to offer. The focal point of this event is the collection of exhibits and displays that give Scouts and Venturers a wide-ranging view of the multitude of programs being offered.

You can be a part of this survey of Scouting! Below are 24 different exhibits you can support by joining the jamboree staff:

  1. Alpha Phi Omega Exhibit — Help Scouts learn about this national, co-ed service fraternity.
  2. Boy Scout Exhibit — Staff here will be promoting the Boy Scout program to visitors.
  3. Boys’ Life Exhibit — Who wouldn’t want to hang out with Pedro and share stories from Boy Scouts’ favorite magazine?
  4. Brownsea Island Experience — Work at this re-creation of the first Scouting event in 1907 conducted by Baden-Powell. Perfect for younger staff!
  5. Chartered Organization Exhibits — Chartering groups make Scouting possible in your community. Help Scouts and Scouters learn more about them.
  6. Cub Scout Exhibit — Come show off the Cub Scout program to visitors.
  7. Disability Awareness Challenge — Fun, challenging exhibits and hands-on activities will help enhance people’s understanding of what those who have special needs/disabilities go through on a daily basis.
  8. High Adventure Base Exhibit — We’ll need a few volunteers to support the professionals from the national high adventure bases.
  9. International Display — The 2019 World Jamboree is going to be held at the Summit! Staff this display and teach everyone at the Summit about International Scouting.
  10. Merit Badges — Join the merit badge staff and help Scouts work on skills not normally available in their local councils or summer camps.
  11. National BSA Exhibits — Volunteers will be needed to help support national council professionals in coordinating displays.
  12. Outside Vendor Displays — Volunteers will be need to support BSA professionals at displays from organizations such as AT&T and ExxonMobile.
  13. Professional Recruiting Exhibit — This staff will be composed primarily of BSA professionals with a little volunteer staff support.
  14. Sea Scouts Exhibit — If you know all about the Sea Scouting program, sign up to staff this exhibit!
  15. Summit Center Exhibits — Assist with managing various exhibits located in the Summit Center.
  16. Alumni Relations — Help staff this exhibit aimed at reconnecting with Scouting alumni.
  17. SCOUTStrong (Health & Wellness) — We need both adults and youth to greet and assist visitors, disseminate information, and answer questions about the BSA’s Healthy Living Initiative. (Computer skills will help, too!)
  18. Military Action Center — Help coordinate the military exhibits located in the Summit Center.
  19. Museum-Scouting Heritage — Staff here to help Scouts and visitors alike explore the history of one of America’s great institutions.
  20. National Museum — In 2013, the National Scouting Museum will bring the history of Scouting to West Virginia! Help people participate in fun, interactive programming and hands-on activities.
  21. NESA — The National Eagle Scout Association will be part of the hubbub in the Summit Center.
  22. Sustainability Exhibit — Help visitors explore the indoor and outdoor spaces that reveal educational stories about the Summit site and environmental stewardship.
  23. West Virginia Exhibit — Assist with the West Virginia exhibit located in the Summit Center.
  24. Venturing Exhibit — Venturers will be able to attend as participants at the jamboree for the first time ever. Help staff this exhibit promoting the Venturing program.

That’s a lot of job opportunities! What are you waiting for?

If you’ve got questions about these staff positions, let us know in the comments below.

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