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The Bows Curriculum: Archery Old And New

Archery rules.

Robin Hood. Green Arrow. Katniss Everdeen. Famed archers, all.

Sure, they’re fictional characters, but still. What if you could get a taste of that archery awesomeness?

Well, you can.

In addition to sporting arrows, you can try your hand at the old standby—static targets—or try another new offering at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree—3-D targets.

Here’s the skinny.

Static Targets

There’s something about the familiarity of a bullseye, the unambiguous nature of your task, that makes static targets so appealing.

To get you in the groove, the jamboree is offering:

  • 10-meter static archery—14 stations
  • 15-meter static archery—20 stations
  • 90-meter static archery—10 stations

For more ambitious archers, there is a limited long-range field where targets will be placed at 60-75 yards. Archers will shoot individually and can return as often as they like.

3-D Targets

Start with a walk-around course about 1,000 yards long.

Add 36 3-D archery stations.

Top it off with two to three life-size, realistic foam animal targets at each station and you’ve got archery gold.

You’ve got four shots to hit the targets.

With four or five archers in a group, each station should take about 15–18 minutes to complete.

What’s cool is that you may return as many times as you like, either in your squad or individually where you will be assigned to a new team.

Download this PDF for beta on all 2013 jamboree programs.

Remember, we’re still accepting registration for jamboree staff. Check it out.

Are you for archery or do you have your eye on other jamboree programs?

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