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3 Picture-Perfect Stops On Your Way To The Summit

Traveling to The Summit Bechtel Reserve can be a great adventure in and of itself but there are also a lot of great places you can explore.

Here are three totally rad side trips to check out on your way to the 2013 National Scout Jamboree.

  1. Gettysburg National Military Park
    The National Park Service has developed an extensive program in conjunction with the Boy Scouts of America. The program involves a self guided hike that allows you and your fellow scouts to relive the experiences of the soldiers during the civil war.
  2. Thurmond By Train
    The historic town of Thurmond, not far from the Summit Bechtel Reserve, was once a bustling mining town.

    Want to explore an old railroad town from West Virginia’s coal mining era?
    Thurmond is the place to go to explore a town that was directly supported by the railroads and coal mines it serviced. Guided tours by National Park Service staff and self-guided walking tours give you the opportunity to explore a huge part of West Virginia’s colorful history.

  3. New River Bridge
    The New River Gorge was formed over thousands of years and when people settled the area they needed to find a way to cross the river. At one time this meant driving down narrow, winding roads to cross a small bridge over the river. This all became a memory when the New River Bridge was finished in 1977 turning a 40 minute trip across the gorge into one that takes less than a minute.
    A number of National Park overlooks and even a visitor center are dedicated to this engineering feat. The New River Bridge is a significant landmark and no trip to The Summit is complete without checking it out.

The NRG At Night

The New River Gorge Bridge is one of West Virginians’ proudest man-made features and can be found on the back of their state quarter. (Photo by Kevin M./Patrol Z)

What are your favorite jamboree side trips? Leave a comment below or tweet us @PatrolZ.

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