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5 Beneficial Items When Stranded On A Desert Island

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You’re flying to Australia to camp in the outback for a couple of weeks. Because you’re a Scout, you are, of course, completely prepared for this trip. In your bag, you’ve packed:

  • a knife. Great for whittling and preparing food
  • matches. (OK, we know you can’t actually fly with matches, but go with it.) Helps get campfires going for roasting delicious dinners and desserts — and keeping predators at bay
  • a patrol fly. You don’t want to get caught without this waterproof covering if a storm rolls in — or if you just happen to need material for a raft.
  • a neckerchief. Soft and sturdy, you brought this along to keep the sweat at bay — and oh yeah, it’s been known to pull perfect double duty as a signal flag for search planes.
  • a purifier. Great when tap water might be hard to come by — you know, like on an uninhabited desert island

Your flight has been at cruising altitude for a number of hours, and you’re well over the shimmering Pacific Ocean, chuckling over some jokes in Boys’ Life magazine. The unthinkable suddenly happens: The plane begins to lose power! The pilot reacts quickly and spots an island in the Pacific. He hopes to land, but as he nears the island, it becomes clear that it’s too small. Looks like it’s going to be an emergency evacuation in the salty sea!

The plane touches the water’s surface just shy of the island, and immediately all power goes out. Because you listened during the crew’s evacuation procedures you’re able to get yourself ready to “jump ship.”

You are seriously getting your Scout on.

But right before you evacuate, a light goes off in your head. What if the captain wasn’t able to get through to anyone to signal for help? You might be on this island for a while.

Realizing you’ve packed all those helpful items in your bag, you rush to the cargo access door and climb into the belly of the plane. Since your bag is plastered with patches, it’s easy to spot.  You tug the main compartment open, but as you do, you hear a deep moan that makes the plane shudder.

Quick, Scout! You’ve only got time to grab one item before the plane sinks! Head over to our Facebook Desert Island contest page and tell us what you grabbed and why. The clock is ticking!

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