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5 Jamboree Jobs At The Stadium

The best way to get an insider’s view of the 2013 Jamboree at the Summit is to get on staff!

The staff of this first-ever national jamboree at its new, permanent home in West Virginia will be history makers — they’ll be setting the stage for the next hundred years of Scouting.

And that’s especially true for the staff at the Summit’s stadium!

This stadium is going to be spectacular: a natural amphitheater, with space for 80,000 spectators, and a stage with the Summit’s lakes as a scenic backdrop. And, it won’t just be speakers and entertainers going on there.

Check out these five stadium staff positions for all the activities that will be going on there:

  1. Stadium Daily Programs — We’ll have stuff going on every day at the stadium. We need staffers who will assist in conducting those programs.
  2. Stadium Events and Ceremonies — Jambo-Palooza is going to be the biggest, daylong Scouting party you’ve ever attended. There are staff jobs to help with this and other big stadium ceremonies.
  3. Stadium Shows — We’re going to have some big-time shows in the evening. These staff jobs will help make it happen.
  4. Jamboree Band — Got major musical chops? The jamboree band blows serious brass to get the crowd psyched at stadium program events. The younger the better for these staffers (although there’s no age limit for those of you seasoned jamboree veterans who are interested).
  5. Patch Trading — So you can get the most out of patch trading, we’re organizing it! We’ll be bringing the best in BSA patch commerce together in the same place at the same times. And, we’ll need help from staff to make it all work.

Oh, and don’t forget: For the first time ever, some staff positions can be worked for just half the jamboree — at half the price.

Are you registered for the jamboree? Do you want to work on staff? Let us know if there’s a staff job you’re interested in that isn’t described here.

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