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5 Ways To Get Prepared For The 2013 Jamboree

Fact: In fewer than 500 days, you’ll be a part of history at the 1st-ever jamboree at the Summit Bechtel Reserve!

And while you’ve been out playing in the snow (or lack of for some of us) this winter, we hope that you are keeping in mind that in less than 2 years, you will be having the time of your life at the 2013 jamboree.

Now ask yourself, are you prepared? Just in case you answered “no,” here are a few suggestions to get you started as we move into spring.

Get Yourself Ready For Adventure

  1. Sign up! Just in case you haven’t, go on over to or to sign up. The sooner the better. Trust us.
  2. Tell your friends! While we are on the subject of getting signed up for the jamboree, you should probably tell your friends. Of course, you will be surrounded by 40,000 of your closest friends at the jamboree, but the more the merrier!
  3. Get active. The Summit is going to be unlike any jamboree experience before with more activities and more adventure. With over 25 miles of backcountry trails, there will be a lot of walking at this jamboree, and in some cases, the terrain may be a little steep; be prepared!
  4. Practice, Practice, Practice. Whether it is dusting off your mountain biking skills, or getting on the climbing wall, get outside and practice. The Summit will feature some amazing activities with levels for beginners or experts, but it never hurts to get outside for some practice, and that can really help with number 3.(See above)
  5. Keep reading. Keep checking back to the Summit Blog for more updates. As we get closer to the jamboree, you get some need-to-know information here.

How are you preparing for the 2013 jamboree at the Summit?

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