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6 More Shakedown Instagram Pics From Patrol Z

Patrol Z reporters tried to photograph the Summit Shakedown from every angle, and many of those photos were broadcast via the Patrol Z Instagram feed.

Here are just a few of the sights from Scouts’ and Venturers’ first experience at the Summit.

Going For Silver

The first-ever Venturing Silver Award board of review to take place at the Summit occurred during the Summit Shakedown.

Patrol Z Reporting!

Patrol Z reporter Patrick B. interviewed Brigadier General Charles Veit, who will be the joint commander of military units supporting the 2013 National Jamboree at the Summit.

A Summit Sunset

Mornings are beautiful, and sunsets are sublime at the Summit. Cloudy skies make for great displays of color as the day winds down in West Virginia.

More Patrol Z Interviews

Patrol Z made sure to get feedback from the Scouts and Venturers participating in the Summit Shakedown. Here, Patrol Z reporter Carl C. captures thoughts from a fellow Scout. Jamboree organizers and staff will use the Shakedown experience to make the 2013 jamboree even better.

Lining Up To Leave

Unfortunately, the Summit Shakedown was only 4 days. Here, Scouts line up to board buses departing from the Summit.

Do you have photos from the Shakedown? Do you take photos on outings with your troop or crew?

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