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6 Places You Won’t Want To Miss At the 2013 Jamboree

Scouts are going to have an entire mountaintop of adventure sports and outdoor activities to enjoy at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, but it all has to start somewhere, right?

Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking will be one of the many activities you can participate in at the Summit. (Photo by Flickr/Stefan Tell)

Six basecamps will act as staging areas for a variety of activities. What are they, you ask?

  • BMX and skateboarding
  • Mountain biking
  • Zip lines, canopy tours and challenge courses
  • Climbing
  • Shooting sports
  • Aquatics

“This offers us a way to get back out in the environment and play outside,” said Tom Wagner, action sports development director for Trinity Works. “You will be able to embrace not only traditional activities for Scouts, but high-adventure activities.”

Since the Boy Scouts of America actually own the Summit, developers like Wagner have the ability to create a facility that embraces both traditional and new Scouting activities. The basecamp design is just one of the ways that the Summit will change the way Scouts participate at the jamboree, while staying true to the qualities that make it unique.

Also, even though the jamboree will be the most action-packed yet, it will be easy to travel to the basecamps by foot, which is consistent with the BSA Fit program.

“It makes it a very unique location because we are really able to customize the site for the Scout’s needs,” Wagner said. “What the Summit has done is take the natural topography and allow Scouts to take advantage of it. It’s a mountaintop playground.”

[pullquote]“It’s a mountaintop playground.” — Tom Wagner, action sports development director from Trinity Works[/pullquote]

So you want more information about the basecamps? Well, you found the right place. We’ll be updating you with all of the juicy details about each basecamp as more information becomes available.

Which activities at the Summit are you most excited for!?

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