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7 Things Everyone Should Know About Camping At The Summit

At the Summit Bechtel Reserve, your camping experience is designed for maximum fun and minimum effect on the environment!

Details, Please!
1. To start with, the 2013 National Jamboree is working to embrace conservation practices and Leave No Trace guidelines, the Summit’s style of camping will preserve the local ecosystem and be an example for others.

More of what you should know:
2. The Summit has 20 subcamps organized into five base camps.
3. Each troop will be assigned to a subcamp in a manner that promotes the highest level of interaction.
4. One subcamp will be dedicated to Venturers and international Scouts.
5. The maximum distance to the arena from any subcamp will be 1.5 miles.
6. Almost all adult staff (6,000–7,000 people) will be housed and fed in the adult camp.

And what about the getting around?

7. Because the Summit is working hard to use a minimal amount of land, you’ll spend less time walking and more time having fun! The “footprint” of the jamboree at the Summit is much more efficient. Compared to Fort A.P. Hill, you’re going to do about one-fifth of the walking. That’s a massive reduction!

Stay tuned for more details on camping at the Summit.

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