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8 Funky Photos From The Shakedown

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orange domes
Home for the Scouts and Venturers at the Summit Shakedown comes with an orange dome.

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dinner time
Dinner time at the Summit Shakedown!

It’s one more easy way Patrol Z came up with to let you see what’s going on right now at the Summit Shakedown.

parting clouds
Rain has come and gone at the Summit over the weekend, but the clouds keep parting to let in some sunshine.

The photo gallery here gives you a glimpse to the fun Scouts and Venturers are having at the Summit Bechtel Reserve — while also helping staff and organizers learn how to make the coming 2013 national jamboree a knock-your-socks-off event.

getting harnessed
Patrol Z reporter Jessica S. gets harnessed up to tackle the climbing wall at Action Point. Check out the next photo to see what kind of mission she was on.

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climbing shots
That’s Patrol Z reporter Jessica S. snapping photos from the top! The climbing fin is just a taste of the rock climbing to come at the Summit Bechtel Reserve.

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