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A Scout Is Clean: Jambo Hygiene

Hygiene at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree is serious stuff.

Meaning, no one would appreciate it if you skipped the showers. Keep in mind some basics about hygiene when putting together your gear for the jamboree and remember: a scout is clean.

In other words, take a shower, dude. But it’s not just about smelling nice, good hygiene is all about keeping healthy so you can enjoy the jamboree to the fullest.

1) There will be several facilities for each campsite subcamp that include showers, sinks and toilets. Also, each facility will be gender and age designated to meet the needs of Scouts, Venturers and adults that are on site.

2) Just rinsing off isn’t enough! Bring along some biodegradable all-in-one kind of wash like Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap and use a washcloth. This way you can scrub down and get done quickly.

3) Much (and probably most) intestinal illness experienced during or after an extended outdoor adventure is due to poor hygiene, particularly unwashed hands. Always wash hands before leaving restrooms and before handling food.

As an extra tip, consider carrying hand sanitizer for your day bag!

You can find more information about camp hygiene and Leave No Trace in the BSA Fieldbook.

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