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Adult Leaders…Volunteer your time today!

Want to experience the best of both being a leader and a staff member at the Jamboree? Well now you are able to do just that! In 2013, Jamboree leadership instituted the Troop Assistance Program (TAP), which sought to encourage adult troop and crew leaders to volunteer some of their time on-site to help support staff in various areas. By volunteering to staff, you can help bring the 2017 National Jamboree programs to life for eager Scouts by ensuring every attendee has the opportunity to experience all the event has to offer.

For 2017, we are bringing the program back, and applying more structure in terms of awareness, advance registration, and recognition. The goal will be to provide an even better jamboree experience for youth attending Scouting’s premier event while assisting the staff in running a smooth and successful program. Of course, as an adult troop leader, your role with your troop or crew comes first. Any time you can commit to assist in an area of need will be an amazing opportunity of enrichment for you and the youth who participate in that area. The TAP is completely voluntary. Leaders are strongly encouraged to participate, but are not required by any means. If you volunteer for any specialized areas, such as medical or shooting sports, no trainings or prequalifications are necessary. We do ask that the leaders from each unit (that choose to assist the staff) serve in the same area.

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Visit the Troop Assistance Program online to sign up. Thank you for helping make the 2017 Jamboree a life-changing experience for the youth who attend!

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