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Adventure And Riches At The Jamboree

What is Patrol Z?

As I drove to the 2013 National Scout Jamboree on Sunday, I went from the mountains of New York to the farmland of Pennsylvania before I came upon something special: the hills of West Virginia.

There are hills all around the nation, but some are special. Much like the gold that drew prospectors to the land that would become Philmont (you know, that rad place out west), the pelts that brought trappers to the Border Lakes up north (home of Northern Tier), or the sunken treasure off the coast of Florida around Sea Base (Aargh, me matey!), the hills of West Virginia held riches of their own: coal.

The folks who explored the area around what is now the Summit were willing to adventure among the hills to find their fortune. The 2013 jamboree, in a sense, recaptures that spirit of self-reliance and adventure. Tromping overland to zip lines? Check. Excursions along the creeks to find whitewater? Check. And the list goes on!

You may be wondering how the jamboree has riches. It’s simple. All of the memories, friendships, and adventures (oh, patches too) will never go away.

Patrol Z is tasked with capturing all of the excitement and fun from the jamboree. Imagine we are putting the gold from Cypher’s Mine into a cart, we’re moving pelts across the Border Lakes, or we’re sending gold back to Spain. We are here to tell it as it is in all of its sheer glory.

Welcome to the jamboree. Let the fun begin.

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