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Airborne Day At The Jamboree

What Is Patrol Z?

Friday was Airborne Day at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree.

The airborne group of the armed forces is an elite assembly of warriors who are trained in advanced techniques of parachuting. These soldiers can be dropped anywhere, including behind enemy lines, because of their superior training.

The jamboree offers training and advancement in a variety of fields, including merit badges across the board, interesting activities, and specialized awards you can only earn here. The skills you learn here can help you achieve your Eagle Scout, Silver, or even Quartermaster Award.

The Scouts taking these courses are like airborne students learning their cutting-edge methods.

What about getting airborne without all the training?

The Summit’s got that, too! With zip lines, climbing walls, extreme sports, and lots of other activities here at the Summit, you can catch some big air before stepping foot in a classroom during the jamboree!

Interested in learning more about airborne units?

Check out the military displays in Freedom Field at the Scott Summit Center as well as the West Virginia National Guard display next to the pools.

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