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Are You Ready To Jump On A Bike?

If you’ve never been mountain biking in West Virginia before, you’re missing out. You spend time outdoors. You meet interesting people. You feel some of the greatest adrenaline rushes of your life. And you get dirty. Very, very dirty.

Mountain Biking Trails
Scouts can take their MTB riding to the next level at the Summit. (Photo by Neil Sharp/Flickr Creative Commons)

Lucky for you, a world-class mountain bike facility is being built at the Summit, ready for you to tear into in 2013. Tons of planning needs to go into the design of the trails, from the overall location to the bank of turns. From the jumps to the switchbacks. From bottom to top.

Tom Wagner is in charge of the design and construction of the park at the Summit. Tom says they will be constructing and putting in sample bits and pieces of the park this summer. And this fall, riders will test out everything. That’s right: someone will be getting paid to ride their mountain bike and demonstrate the park for the rest of us. Lucky.


Gravity Logic, the Summit Bechtel Reserve mountain bike course designers, have built parks all around the world, including British Columbia, Colorado, and Sweden. Now they’re in the New River Gorge in West Virginia, working for every single member of the Boy Scouts of America, including Patrol Z reporter Zane. Zane loves mountain biking and is pumped for the park at the Summit.

Downhill Mountain Biking With Scouts
Downhill will be a big part of riding at the Summit. You ready?. (Photo by Paul Jerry/Flickr Creative Commons)

“I enjoy the thrill of racing down the trails. It’s a lot different than your average road ride,” says Zane.

Are you ready for a drop of 500 vertical feet? Or 12 miles of trails? If not, get ready.

[pullquote]“I enjoy the thrill of racing down the trails.” — Zane, BSA Patrol Z Reporter[/pullquote]

You can start by watching Dave Kelly of Gravity Logic tell us all about the plans for SBR’s world-class mountain bike park. Next, strap into your helmet, throw on some gloves, and jump onto your bike — how many miles is it to the Summit?

Talk to us! Where is your favorite place to ride? What’s your favorite flavor of riding — XC, Downhill, BMX, DJ? We want to know!

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