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As Pumped As Tires — Cranking Up Mountain Bike Excitement

Spring fever is setting in here in the New River Gorge, and that means it’s time to get the chain oiled up on the bikes.

Up and down the gorge in the neighborhood of the Summit, cyclists of all stripes come to exercise their pedal power.

In this video, local biking pro and bike shop owner Adam Stephens explains why the trails of West Virginia keep him coming back for more and more.

3 Different Kinds of Biking at the Jamboree

Did you know the adventure areas at the Summit will offer three different kinds of biking? You’ll be able to try:

  • Downhill mountain biking — The area you’ll come to know as “High Gear” features intense downhill runs.
  • Cross-country mountain biking — “Low Gear” includes 27 miles of MTB trail for you to explore. Check out the pump track!
  • BMX — Over at Mayhem Mountain, park-style and trick-oriented bikers will have plenty of room to play, too.

The biking at the jamboree will be open to all, too. The top-notch designers who are building all of these facilities are making sure there are trails for every ability level, whether you like to go big, go fast, or just go for a cruise.

What kind of biking suits your style? Let us know in the comments below.

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