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Best Lunch Items

After a busy morning of hard work at the 2017 National Jamboree, nothing tops a delicious Summit2Go lunch to refill you for the afternoon. After a whole week of experiencing them, we were wondering which tasty treats make our staffers happiest at lunchtime.

JamboLink surveyed 60 staff members with the question, “What’s the best item in Summit2Go lunches?” We got as wide an assortment of answers as there are lunch options. Almost one in five staffers picked beef jerky as the favorite, and Bumble Bee meals and peanut butter tied for a close second.

“Pop-Tarts were the perfect midday snack. Where did they go?!” –Kaden Rickett, OA Service Corps

“The MRE barbecue sandwiches should all be gathered and burned.” –Chuck Williams, Subcamp C2 Staff

“Is there a ‘none of the above’ option? Just kidding.” –Manué Lopez, 2017 Western Region Chief, O.A.

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