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BSA Patrol/Troop First-Aid Kit | The Z Review

What is Patrol Z?

Editor’s Note: This post is part of an ongoing collaboration between Patrol Z and the BSA Supply Group. For a full listing of available products, visit

The BSA Patrol/Troop First-Aid Kit from Adventure® Medical,  is a well organized and stocked first-aid kit. It is suitable for up to 6 people on almost any troop event, and because of its small size (10″ x 9½” x 4″; 1.9 lbs.) and durable pack, it is perfect for activities like climbing and backpacking. The kit is also very  organized with related items in their own labeled pouches. These sections are translucent, making it easier to see where everything is located. Lastly, the kit conforms to the “Patrol/Troop First-Aid Kit” requirements listed on page 128 of the Boy Scout Handbook.

The Official BSA Troop First-Aid Kit
Very well organized and labeled, the kit is easy to use, no matter what the situation. (Photo by Patrick B. / Patrol Z)

Because the kit is small and only safely covers around 6 or 7 Scouts, it would be more effective as a patrol kit. Also, since the kit does not have splints, you may want to purchase an extra such as a SAM®SPLINT, especially if you are participating in an activity that could cause fractures and sprains.

This product (Item 612922) is available on, as well as in local Scout Shops for $59.99.

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