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Camelbak 2011 Lobo Hydration Pack

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Indoors or outdoors, good weather or bad, hiking or biking; there isn’t always a need to carry a huge pack that has tons of space (although certainly there are some times when a large pack is ideal), so lighten up your load with the CamelBak 2011 Lobo Hydration Pack. This model has the most hydration storage capacity of any of CamelBak’s external-fill products. I recently had the chance to take my dirt bike out for a spin during some of my free time, and tried out this new hydration system. (Even though dirt bikes are not a part of the Summit’s program, this pack will also work for activities like mountain biking or hiking.)


This CamelBak is great because it is super light, weighing only 1.08 pounds without water, and it has a 3-liter reservoir, so you can go three or more hours without having to fill up! Also, it is really comfortable to wear because it is a bike pack, and very low profile. It has several pockets to store everything you need, like a small first aid kit, cell phone, digital camera, batteries, your wallet, or anything else you think you need for your day out! The major thing that I really liked about this CamelBak was the color: sulphur spring/graphite! More good features? This CamelBak is BPA free, and has an external fill so you don’t have to remove your reservoir to fill it. Overall, the appearance and feel of this CamelBak is really great, plus it is functional.


The only thing I had a little bit of a problem with was it didn’t breathe as well as I had thought it would, and caused me to sweat a little. But I was on a motorcycle, and things tend to get warm. Perhaps a little more ventilation might be helpful in certain outdoor activities.

Where to Buy

You can buy the awesome Camelbak 2011 Lobo (item: 612367) at local Scout Shops and online at! The CamelBak 2011 Lobo is really a great buy in my view, and essential for anyone who is going out on a bike ride or a hike! With all the pockets and other features on it, it is something that is going to the top of my jamboree must-have list!

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