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Can You Name 14 Different Ways To Stay Busy In Scout Camps?

Every Scout village and campsite will need a contingent of staff to keep things running—after all, the Summit will become the second-largest “city” in the state of West Virginia during the 2013 jamboree!

If you’re considering registering to be on staff at the jamboree, consider these 14 opportunities to help give Scouts the experience of a lifetime:

  1. Fire Service—The jamboree will need its own fire prevention and suppression staff. Help keep the heat in the kitchen and the campfire.
  2. International Service—Want to work with the International Department to provide support for International Scouts attending the jamboree?
  3. Lost and Found—Pick up, categorize, and document items lost at the jamboree and attempt to return them to the owners.
  4. Postal Distribution—Mail call! We need staff to pick up letters and packages from the local post office and deliver them to recipients at the jamboree.
  5. Repairs and Maintenance—You can help keep facilities and equipment in working condition.
  6. Safety Service—We need eagle eyes to identify safety concerns and keep the jamboree safe.
  7. Sanitation Coordination—It’s a dirty job, and maybe you can do it 😉
  8. Security Service—Security staff positions include traffic control and parking management.
  9. Staff Housing—You can help with assigning and providing staff housing.
  10. Subcamp Staff—Jamboree subcamps will need day-to-day operational management.
  11. Subcamp Staff (Venturing)—For the first time ever, Venturers are attending the jamboree as participants, and they’ll have their own campsite. You can help staff it!
  12. Village Staff—These staff will assist with pre-jamboree planning and organization.
  13. Volunteer Staff Village—Pre-jamboree planning and organization will also be needed for this village.
  14. Youth Services—Help provide appropriate supervision and programming opportunities for youth staff.

Do you have experience with any of these? Get registered today.

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