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Cartoonists Will Spotlight Scouting During Jamboree

The cartoonists behind five popular cartoons will give friendly nods to Scouting during the 2017 National Jamboree by including references to the Scouting movement in their strips.

These comic strips are B.C., Wizard of Id, Dennis the Menace (Sunday edition), The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee and Dennis the Menace (daily edition). The cartoonists for the strips have a close personal tie to the Scouting movement or support what Scouting offers youth. Rich Diesslin is a full-time, syndicated cartoonist. He creates many Scouting cartoons through his KNOTS series. Diesslin also keeps himself busy on freelance projects for the U.S. Scouting Service Project and by working on the JamboLink online articles, website and blog.

The first two Scouting-related cartoons, running Saturday, will be B.C. and Wizard of Id by Mason and Mick Mastroianni. Mason and Mick both began forming nod-to-Scouting cartoons when they were approached with the idea to participate with the series during the Jamborees. Mason especially noted that he supports programs that promote nature within their program, including Scouting.

On the next day, the Sunday edition of Dennis the Menace by Ronald Ferdinand also will feature a Scouting theme. Hank Ketcham was the creator of Dennis the Menace, and after Ferdinand began assisting Ketcham on the comic strip he was enthusiastic about creating Scouting-related comics for jamborees due to Ketcham’s support for the Scouting movement.

On Monday The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee by John and Anne Hambrock also will refer to Scouting. John Hambrock began to create nod-to-Scouting cartoons for the National Jamborees when cartoonist Rich Diesslin put out an appeal to National Cartoonists Society members for the 100th anniversary Jamboree. Hambrock continues the effort due to the positive impact Scouting has on both young people and adults.

The last of the Scouting-themed comics during the 2017 National Jamboree will be Tuesday’s daily edition of Dennis the Menace by Marcus Hamilton. Hamilton’s family has been involved with the Scouting movement since he was a youth. He was an active Boy Scout in North Carolina while growing up, was the first of the cartoonists to respond to the original call-out for the nod-to-Scouting cartoons and still continues to talk to youth and other adults about the Scouting movement.

Guest Cartoonist Schedule:

Saturday, July 22 – B.C., Wizard of Id, (maybe Dogs of C-Kennel)

Sunday, July 23 – Dennis the Menace*

Monday, July 24 – Edison Lee

Tuesday, July 25 – Dennis the Menace (daily)

* – The Sunday Dennis the Menace cartoon ended up having a conflict on this date, but Ron Ferdinand has offered (and had approved) a special nod to scouting cartoon which we run then instead.

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