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Catch The Rhythm, Hear The Drum

What Is Patrol Z?Nearly a thousand Arrowmen attended Indian Summer 2011 in early August, where they learned about ceremonies, dance, costuming and much more. Evening activities included pow wows put on by the American Indian Affairs staff, an opening and closing gathering and a gathering of nations.
“At Indian Summer we learned about leadership through service from a new perspective; the perspective of the American Indian heritage our Order was founded upon.” — Braden S., Arrowman[/pullquote]

Throughout the week, participants had the chance to learn to dance and sing and to learn their parts in the OA ceremonies. Arrowmen also completed a service project that helped improve the conference center’s nature trails.

No matter what Arrowmen were focusing on at the event — American Indian Affairs, Inductions and Ceremonies or a mix of both — at Indian Summer everyone left with new friendships, new knowledge and an understanding of leadership through service to others.

Indian Summer 2011, the second national event this year, was held at the Ridgecrest Conference Center in Ridgecrest, N.C.

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