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Check in Process for Units

Units attending the 2017 National Jamboree will have a streamlined check-in process. Each unit will first make its way to the Ruby Welcome Center, where the unit leader will ensure that all participants and paperwork are present.

Then a staff guide will accompany the unit on its bus ride into the Summit Bechtel Reserve. During the ride, the guide will brief unit members on the Jamboree and what will be waiting for them upon arrival.

Unit leaders can make the check-in process relatively fast and simple by gathering the proper documents prior to their arrival and making sure that information is properly uploaded on their myScouting account for their Jamboree registration.

Upon arrival, each participant should have a copy of the Boy Scouts of America medical form, including parts A, B and C. Leaders and anyone 18 years or older also must bring a copy of their most recent Youth Protection Training certificate. Both of these documents will be required upon check in at the units designated base camp.

Once the participants have arrived at their subcamp, unit leaders will turn in the health forms and youth-protection certificates. After the registration staff has reviewed the documents, Jamboree identification credentials will be issued along with other information regarding your upcoming experience at the Jamboree.

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