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Daniel Carter Beard Recognition

The Summit Center at the jamboree boasts several interesting booths and activities, ranging from merit badges to information on the 2019 World Jamboree. At the Commissioner’s Corner booth, an award is offered for both youth and adults who can complete just a few simple requirements.

The Daniel Carter Beard Recognition is a simple award that can be earned at the tent in approximately thirty to forty-five minutes with a modicum of work. There are two requirements and three electives that need to be completed in order to receive the coin on the chain.

The two requirements are easily taken care of by visiting the booth.One requires a participant to read the history of Daniel Carter Beard and discuss with a leader two interesting things learned. The second requirement involves using a key provided by the booth and deciphering a riddle that uses symbols as taught by Beard himself.

The three electives vary for the youth and adults, but involve simple things like doing thirty minutes of service, talking to a jamboree commissioner, or teaching a Scout from another council about Beard’s symbols.

The purpose of the award in the tent is to enhance the general knowledge of what commissioners do and how they enhance the Scouting program. The commissioner’s role is quite essential, and since Daniel Carter Beard was the first one the award is named in his honor.

Stopping by Commissioner’s Corner is a great way to spend you afternoon gaining more knowledge while picking up some pretty cool memorabilia. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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