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What to do after dark in Basecamp Echo

Staff are busy all day long and finally get to take a break after dinner, but you find yourself sitting in your tent wondering what to do. Sit no more! Use this guide to spend your free time at Base Camp Echo.

The first and easiest thing to do is to pull out a chair and talk to your neighbors. Ask them where they are from and what they do. This is bound to get a good conversation going.

You also could check out Chat ‘n’ Chew and buy some food. On your way there, stop by the Trading Post and pick up the “patch of the day” or just peruse all the Jambo Staff Swag. Speaking of Patches, there are literally dozens of traders all over Echo. Looking for the latest Meme set, Super Heroes or Pez, it’s all out there waiting for your trade.

Another option might be fishing in the lake. And finally, just stargaze after dark. There’s not much light pollution here at the Summit, so the sky is bound to be brilliant on almost any night.

Being a Jamboree Staff Member is a fantastic activity, and enjoying your “off time” around the Summit Bechtel National Scouting Reserve is just as important. Have a Great Jamboree!

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